I’ve been thinking about… Capsule Hotels

Capsule Hotel Wikipedia
Source: wikipedia.org

Okay, I admit it. I’ve been reading William Gibson again. A lot. That’s probably the reason why I started thinking about capsule hotels. Colloquially, if somewhat irreverently known as coffin hotels, or the even more morbid corpse drawers, these creatures are certainly one of the strangest accommodations ever to populate the hotel universe.

For many, these stacks of boxes labelled hotel might, despite their frequent, but modest resurgences, already feel like a quaint and foreign anachronism, but I can’t help but wonder… So, I’m going to go ahead and write about my own thoughts and ideas about a modern version of a capsule hotel. One that I may find in Hamburg or London, and would want to stay in. Which ironically would also be my first stay in a capsule hotel of any kind, since so far I never had that opportunity.

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