Frequently Answered Questions

Who are you?  And why are you doing this?

Check out About FLN

How much money do you make with this?

Nada. In fact, I’m the one paying for this.

I’ve found this amazing thing. Will you write about it?

I’m always interested in new things, so send me a link and find out. But please, don’t send me stuff that was brand new ten years ago. I already know about blockchain, okay? If it’s something new and exciting, or at least a different and interesting way of looking at something, I’ll be very happy to look at it.

Can I contribute a guest article?

To be honest, guest articles are not much of a thing for me, but still, if you send me your finished article, I’ll give it serious thought. If you send me an idea, I’ll tell you to send me the finished article. Unless you want me to write it, then see above.

How about blogroll and exchanging links?

If our blogs fit topically, and if we like each other’s  stuff, sure.  If it’s just about SEO, then not.

FLN is on Mastodon. What do you think about it?

Great idea, but currently I’m afraid I’m not seeing much of a future in it. Once users become independent from the whims of specific servers and their admins, and once we have groups, pages and much better ways to find stuff that interests us than hashtags, well, that’ll be a different story. I for one am keeping my hopes up. And if I got any of this wrong, please let me know. It’ll make me very happy to find out I just didn’t get it.