About FLN

Dreams, ideas, concepts and visions, things that are, that will be or might be, things that are happening today and things we’ll be doing tomorrow. All aiming to help create a better world. A world that strives to live up to its full potential, instead of mourning a past that was never all that great to begin with. A world in which technology is first and foremost serving life, serving the people and is helping us to live together the best we can.

Let’s find the link between what we can do today and how we want to live tomorrow.


About me

Hello, I’m Mike. I’ve been around for 48 years and have spent most of my working life pretty close to the edge of modern technology. I was born in Germany, but consider myself a world citizen, as much as anyone can be, that is.

This blog is my way of sharing my fascination with the times we live in, with its changes and its possibilities.

And perhaps in time it can be my own microscopically small contribution to my biggest goal in life: that we as a society start designing our future to the best of our abilities, instead of constantly running behind, panting hard and complaining that things are once again different than they used to be. We have the power to change things in accordance with what we know and what we want, so let’s use that power and start creating the world we truly want to live in. The future is here.

Oh, and btw, I also happen to be blind, just in case you’re wondering about the somewhat above average ratio of posts on assistive technology (the tech we blind folks use to do what we want to do) and on inclusiveness.

Hope you’ll enjoy this blog! Let me know, okay?



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